Personal Injury Claims And The Role Of Insurance Companies

Getting injured or losing someone in an accident is nerve wrecking experience that leaves you on the verge of agony, despair and financial crisis. After an accident you are approached by an insurance adjuster sooner or later and try to get the most out of it just for the sake of their own company rather than you and if they successfully entrapped you, you left with the amount (compensation) that are of no worth or that is insufficient to serve your purpose. Here we try to point out some tips by following you can tackle an insurance adjuster.

First keep remembering that these adjusters always work for their company and he is working to save the money of their company, no matter how polite or aggressive they behave. They try to seduce you to accept a lower settlement , most probably he tries to convince you that the accident is purely due to your fault so that the insurance company doesn’t have to pay even he can use any trick to suggest you that there is no need to hire a lawyer.

Dealing with an insurance adjuster plays tricks to delay your case because as much you will be delayed as much will be possibilities to get just compensation and in this case the insurance company has to pay less.

Never ever allow your insurance adjuster to record your statement because they already know everything about the accident by the police report and from witnesses they just want to provoke you to say something that may harm your case and never sign any document without the permission of your personal injury attorney nyc as he can use these things against you. Hiring a personal injury lawyer right after the accident you can brush aside the need of insurance adjusters and your lawyer can talk to the adjusters on your behalf as the lawyers are well aware about the tricks of insurance adjusters.

You can ask the adjuster to give you in black and white that the person they insured was guilty for the accident. If he refused to believe that only his client was not at fault ask him to give in writing why he thinks that others are also at fault at the time of the accident. As these matters can be tricky for a normal person to understand a personal injury lawyer can help you to understand.

You can also ask the insurance company to give you in written the best possible offers you can get as a settlement. If he is not ready to do so maybe he has something fishy in his mind as settlements in verbal have no authority so you should not believe on a verbal assurance. If the adjuster is not responding to your calls or asks you to wait unnecessarily quite possible he is doing this deliberately to delaying your case.

The insurance company may want you to get a medical checkup by their recommended doctor but before doing so talk to your New York Personal Injury Attorneys as there may be some trap for you.

Never allow an insurance adjuster to see you at home without prior appointment may he is trying to get any evidence against you by founding you doing some work that indicates you with no injury. If you found an insurance company’s agent talking to your neighbors and doctor or asking questions, without your permission immediate speak to your lawyer, or you found making a video of your while doing day to day activity try to note down vehicle number and if possible take a picture of the vehicle with number plate.

Although above mentioned tips are not sufficient to show the true colors of insurance companies but with the help of your personal lawyer you can avoid these companies and can get the right compensation.

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